5 Tips to Build a Consistent Weight Loss Momentum

5 Tips on How to Build a Consistent Weight-loss Momentum

5 Tips To Build A Weight Loss Momentum.

One of the main issues that I had in the past was consistency. I was not someone (and I’m still not) who’d be consistent in completing the various tasks in my life, much less working out. We all know that consistency breeds success. However when it comes to actually doing it, it becomes a problem for most of us. This was causing me all sorts of problems with my weight-loss plans throughout the years. However, I discovered that it is not difficult to do it and I’m going to share with you here. I hope that it works for you too.


#1 – Work Around Your Schedule

How great would it be if we can build good habits every day without any disruptions in life? Most disruptions come from interrupted schedules; such as the sudden need to work overtime, dinner schedules with friends, going on a date, going on a vacation, etc.

In the time when I managed to lose my weight, I hit the same roadblocks that I used to encounter in the past. As my working time is flexible, it also means that it could be at any time of the day where I have to work. This resulted in an extremely difficult fixed schedule to follow. Do not let disruptions cause any interruptions to your exercise schedule. If you have to work late today, you can exercise before you go to work. You can do this by planning ahead and working around it. This approach usually prevents us from procrastination.


#2 – Plan Ahead For Your Workout Schedule

Planning beforehand is crucial in providing us with the discipline to keep ourselves active. I used to keep weekly and daily journals of what I do. I will make sure it is aligned with my objectives for the following week. By working out your weekly and daily schedule, it gives you a broad understanding of what to expect in the next coming days. You’d just need to cater for any new surprises along the way by adjusting your timetable accordingly. This way of managing your workout schedule provides you with the consistency that you need. How often do you need to do this for? Well, I would say that you keep doing this for as long as you can automatically plan your schedule ahead of time.


#3 – Short Quick-Burst Exercises

Exercise don’t have to be for long periods of time. We usually associate exercising as something that takes a lot of effort and time, and we don’t have the time for that. I’d like to urge you to drop the mind-set. The key is to build consistency and not a one-off routine. One of the ways to do that is to incorporate short but powerful exercises into your daily lives. By spending a short amount of time every day doing some simple exercises can be more effective than doing something strenuous once in a while.


#4 – Weigh Yourself Everyday

Yes, you heard it right. This was what I did to force myself to understand my body better. This also helps to build a mind-set where a slight increase in my weight is as a result of being lazy. This happens, but the habit of weighing myself will cause a slight panic and a sense of guilt in me. It is this mind-set that reminded me that if I skip this once, my weight will increase and my effort will go down the drain.


#5 – Schedule Rest Days In Between

Rest days are important to not only rest our bodies after the consistent activities over the past few days, but also allow us to have our “cheat days”. Once again, it boils down to whether or not you have planned your schedule properly. By knowing that tomorrow is a rest day, even when the laziness creep up onto you, you’d just brush it off and continue with your exercise for the day. Even up till today, this works very well for me.


I hope the above provides some useful tips for you to build your own consistency in your weight-loss program. I believed that with consistency, it will definitely work for you!


If you would like to have some free templates for planning your schedule, head over to here for the free download.


Enjoy your weight loss journey!

Adrian C.

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