About Shed Away Fats

About Shed Away Fats

Shed Away Fats is started to help people who had been trying to lose and maintain weight without success, shed some light. The common questions have always been “How to lose weight fast?”, “What is one easy way to lose weight”, and “What’s the best weight-loss tips?”

We were confused.

There are many solutions out there and not only do we get confused, we often get impatient and find the process torturous instead of fun. This goes the same for me and my wife, who have been overloaded with various weight loss solutions, only to find that none of these are sustainable.

My wife and I reached the PEAK of our weight in December 2015, just last year. Surprisingly, it was also the year that we decided to exercise more regularly. We had managed to lose at least 2 kilos, but regained and exceeded the 2 kilos in less than 2 months. What went wrong for us were complacency and uncontrollable hunger attacks.

We love food!

Like many others, we love food! Our source of comfort comes from the delicious food that we eat every day. The more we exercise, the hungrier we get and the more we feel justified to indulge in food. This has obviously caused us to be even more demoralized. Not before long, we gave up exercising altogether which explained the weight gain.

We were aware that this was taking a toll on our health and the more weight we gained, the more unhealthy it felt. This was an awakening for us, and we made a life-changing commitment to take charge of our body and start losing weight, for real.

Create our own plan.

We decided to scrape all the “know-hows” that had cost us thousands of dollars in the past. We worked out our own plan, that we are know is sustainable. This is personal because everyone of us has our own preference. That’s true even for us. For example, my wife would not mind having noodles with soup but I hated it. I would not mind oats for breakfast but she hated it.

Going beyond the first week.

The first week was the most challenging for us because of temptations wherever we go. However, due to our immersed perseverance of keeping our weight down this time round, we managed to push through beyond the first week. And it simply gets easier each week. After the first week, we managed to each lose about 1 kilo! That motivated us to continue doing what went well for us. What made it different this time from the previous attempts was that we did not feel deprive. Even though we do need to make changes to our normal habits, the changes are slowly adapted.

Shed Away Fats

Losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle has always been our goal. Being able to achieve that motivated us to share our thoughts and ideas with you. Through Shed Away Fats, we hope to shed light on cultivating good habits that will result in sustainable weight loss results. Be consistent with good habits for 21 days, internalise it and develop it into your own “know-how”, that works.

We are throwing away the entire load of theory and pick just portions so that you understand why certain habits are important, and show you the exact actionable plans that you can put into practice and achieve your desire goals. Click here to get a FREE copy of Personal Weight-Loss Journal.


Enjoy your weight loss journey!

Adrian C. & Charlene E.