Fast and Effective Way to Lose Weight

Fast and effective way to lose weight

What is the fast and effective way to lose weight? This has been a question that many has asked themselves. I have personally tried out all the different methods. I could exercise regularly but my weight remains unchanged, or go to slimming centers and still unable to maintain my weight. The only times that I managed to lose weight fast is by controlling my diet. But that did not sustain because I felt deprived.

How then can I sustain it? I was on the lookout for the fast and effective way to lose weight.

I love food that are high in carbohydrates. Almost all my meals would contain either of the following: bread, rice, noodles and potatoes. These are food that many of us need to consume in our daily diet.

This is exactly the problem that I encountered. When i was doing my research on “how to lose weight”, there are many similar posts that told me to cut down on carbohydrates. I thought to myself that if I need to cut away the above, what else is there for me to eat? Whenever I tried to diet, I gave up quickly if it didn’t worked out for me. And I would become demoralized.

I know that it would be near impossible for me to stop eating them. After I sat down and think through, there are only 2 things that I could do if i wanted a fast and effective way to lose weight. That is, to reduce the intake of carbs or find substitutes. Here’s what I did.

I identified my “needs” and started to do some planning on substituting food items that are acceptable to me. Here’re what I did:


I love bread and I do not mind substituting it with something similar and is of lower calories and higher nutritional value.

So I did some research on the different types of bread that are available and found one with low calories and do not taste that bad. Spread it with tuna and it tastes almost similar to white bread.

On a side note, for the choice of my tuna, instead of going for tuna with mayonnaise sauce, I replaced it with tuna flakes with water. I added some black pepper for taste.


White rice is a staple that I needed to eat at least once a day. I did not like brown rice (except if it is fried) and so a substitute sounded difficult. Instead, I reduced my rice intake by half to compensate for my unwillingness to change. I also tried to consume rice for lunch instead of dinner, so that my body has more time to digest and burn off the calories.


Pasta is my favorite of all. In the past whenever I cooked, I follow the exact packet instructions. If one pack serves 4, I would divide it into 4 portions and cook accordingly. Mix it up with the ingredients, the single portion becomes humongous. But it tasted so delicious I had to finish them. What I do now is to split it into 8 portions, and I added more vegetables and white meat that is rich in protein.


French fries and potato wedges are such great accompaniments for burgers, Chicken Chop and Fish and Chips. It is difficult to control myself to avoid them altogether. What I would do is to share it with someone else, or make sure the main dish is a healthier choice (for example, grilled fish). When I am at home and if I had already prepared food that are high in calories, I would swap potatoes for sweet potatoes instead. It provides similar satisfaction (at least for me), and much more nutritious.

Here’s a website that provides some low-carb substitutes.

I hope that what I shared would give you some motivation that losing weight does not mean you have to make a 360 degrees change in your life.

If you want to see results, the first step for a fast and effective way to lose weight is to substitute or reduce the portion of the top food that you love. Multiple small steps would bring you a long way. I kept reminding myself that if I had to keep forcing myself to change, it is not going to last. We should be enjoying our lives every moment and not feel sick of it.

Enjoy your weight loss journey!

Adrian C.

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