3 holiday tips to keep your weight on track

3 holiday tips to keep your weight on track

Going for holidays are probably the most enjoyable and exciting thing we all look forward too. Like many of you, my only worry was to come back and realize I have put on weight. What’s most dragging is how do I shed away those extra fats!

On my first holiday to Hong Kong after I started my weight-loss program, I struggled between feasting and keeping my routine. I know that if I were to skip the routine, I might not be determined enough to follow it through after the holiday. To be honest, at least for me, holiday without food spoils half the fun. The good news is that I returned home lighter. I then began thinking how do I maintain my weight but still be able to enjoy the food?

I tried this for my next 2 trips to Seoul and Taiwan. Here are 3 holiday tips to keep your weight on track.

Skip the public transport. Walk instead.

Most of the time when we travel, we tend to rely on the public transport to get around. However, especially for most of the cities, the must-go places are close by even though it could be a couple of subway stations apart. What’s even better is that the hidden gems are always somewhere in between. I walked whenever I could to search for beautiful sites, delicious food and exquisite shops. In fact, the walk made the holiday more fun and complete.

Share your food. Spread the meals.

There is just so much good food around, it will be impossible to try everything if we don’t share. I learnt this from my Hong Kong trip. I wanted to try out new food yet I had to restraint myself. And that would mean I could only eat a maximum of 3 and a half incomplete meals a day. With that in mind, what we did for our Seoul and Taiwan trip is to share our food each time we have a meal. This means if there is 2 of us, we only order 1 meal. Not all shops allow that though so for shops that don’t we will order food without carbs. After each meal, we would walk to the next eating place.

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Find an activity.

There are lots of interesting activities that every country offers. In Prague, we went for segway tour. In beach areas, people go for water activities. And so, in Taiwan, we decided to cycle. I just picked up cycling 4 years back and cycled less than 10 times within these 4 years. That’s how unpolished my skills were. However, I decided to challenge myself. We cycled for 4 hours in search for a popular seafood stall at Cijin Island, Kaohsiung.

The activities made the holiday even more memorable, and at the same time, we manage to shed away fats from the increase food intake.

Cycle to lose weight


Enjoy your weight loss journey!

Charlene E.

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