My Friends Don’t Recognise Me Anymore


Nowadays when I meet up with my friends, they usually take a second look at me just to make sure that I am the same guy that they knew. Some of them hardly recognise me even when we had eye contact. That was how drastic of a change in my physical appearances were. The common question will always be “how to lose weight?”.

The fat me in 2015 - How to lose weight?

This was how I looked like last year. This taken was taken in April 2015 during my Korea trip.

Huge change in me - How did I lose weight?

And that’s me now, in my recent trip to Kaohsiung this July.


I lost 15 kilos in 4 months!

To be honest, losing too much weight all at once might not ideal for some people, especially if we do it the wrong way. I have been very careful and I did everything the natural way. That is, no diet pills, meal replacements, injections, nothing exaggerating.

I’m going to share with you my weight loss journey through dieting. As you can tell from the 1st photo, I was never slim built and all this while, I kept giving myself excuses not to exercise or slim down as I did not have the motivation to start and sustain the weight loss program. With commitment and the will to make it sustainable, I hope the following may similarly work for you:


Have A Balanced Diet

When it comes to dieting, most of us choose to turn a blind eye to it because the mere thought of having salad for meals just does not resonate well. It was the same for me and which is why, throughout my weight-loss journey, I did not even once eat salad for a meal, or even incorporate salad in the program. All of us live to enjoy eating delicious food, don’t we? But it would not hurt to dedicate one or two meals a day to ‘healthy’ food, which can be tasty as well. You just need to know the right combination.

Eat fruits on an empty stomach in the morning.

Have a variety of fruits, and try not to consume too much of those that are high in sugar. Instead choose strawberries and dragon fruit to make it more balanced.


Calorie-counting helps to cultivate a conscious mind. It is very important to know where we are, and how much are we consuming to ensure that we do not go overboard on our daily intake.

Reduce your sugar intake.

Sugar, as we all know, is one of the main culprits for obesity. It is critical to measure and track your daily sugar input.  By replacing beverages with high sugar level with plain filtered water, you are effectively cutting off your sugar supply.

Absolutely no food 3 hours before sleep.

It will normally take 2 – 3 hours to fully digest our food. If you sleep while your body is still in the process of breaking down the food you ate not too long ago, the digestion process may not be complete. If you have to eat late, you can just have a light dinner.


These are 5 tips that I consciously remind myself by doing it consistently for 21 days. After that, it becomes a habit. Try it and make this work for you too!


Enjoy your weight loss journey!

Adrian C.

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