Lose Weight by Tracking Your Weight


In order for us to keep to our ideal weight, the first thing we should know is how heavy we weigh. Very often, we choose to avoid the weighing machine to avoid facing the hard truth. You might never know but we could lose weight just by tracking our weight!

I woke up this morning and did the same routine as I started 9 months back.

Since I started my weight-loss journey, the one top habit that I form is to weigh myself every morning, and keep a log of it. I made sure to follow exactly the same routine in the morning before taking my weight. This will make sure that my daily weight is measured base on the same conditions.

Here’s what I do every morning.

First: I will drink a glass of water.

Second: I head to the washroom to “unload”.

Third: I take my weight.

Forth: I write my weight to one decimal point, on my journal.

*Use a digital scale for better accuracy.*

Why is this so important?

Would it be easier for you to lose 0.5 kilos or 5 kilos? This seems like a really silly question isn’t it? But it’s exactly where most of the problems start. Very often, we ignore the signs of weight gain, even though it is so obvious that our pants are too tight! That’s because we are not keeping record of our weight. When we eventually decide to step on the weighing machine, we would have already gained a couple of kilos.

By keeping a constant check on our weight allows us to take immediate action when we sense that our weight is increasing. When that happens, all we need to do is to cut down on high calorie food or increase our activities slightly. It will be so much easier and less taxing to our body than having to lose 5 kilos. This gives us a greater control on our weight. Subconsciously, by tracking your weight daily, it also sets as a reminder to be aware of our activities and diet. Automatically, our brain will signal an alarm when our weight increases for one week straight. This likely means that we have been treating ourselves a little too well for the past week and it is time to re-develop any good habits that is forgotten.

Start cultivating your weight-loss habits!

Charlene E.

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