My face shows the first signs of weight gain


I used to envy friends who seemed to not put on any weight no matter how much they eat. My face always show the first signs of weight gain. The moment I feast, it becomes obvious and my face seems to instantly look bigger. It becomes obvious on photos.

That's how I looked on photos when my weight is almost at it's peak.
That’s how I looked on photos when my weight is almost at it’s peak.

It wasn’t long before I started making needless comparisons – How good would it be if I could eat without thinking about my imminent weight gain? Did the Law of Physics only apply to me? Isn’t my body a reflection of what I eat?

Over the years, I’ve learnt that friends who belonged to the “skinny” category usually have high metabolism. This explains why their body can break down food faster and more easily. Having high metabolism rate could be down to two reasons. The first is because of the make-up of their body, and the second could be due to leading a lifestyle that involves constant movements that continually fuels energy.

For all the benefits of metabolism in slimming down, one must not be overly-dependent on them. A common trait that I see among those with high metabolism rate is complacency. Most of them don’t feel the need to exercise faithfully or eat properly because they suffer no adverse reactions. Yet, this does not mean that they are healthy by any means. They have a higher risk of any of the three highs – cholesterol, blood pressure and sugar level – all of which are associated with health issues.

During my weight-loss journey, I’ve managed to revive my low metabolism. That not only helped in burning off the excess fats, it also gave me ample energy to last during the day. Now, my metabolism is both high and sensitive. This allows me to break down food easily, and discards any complacency that I may have.

Ever since I’ve slimmed down, I’ve grown to value the slightest sensitivity my body reacts to my daily life. I’m more aware of the sort of activities (or inactivity) and food that has an impact on my weight. This gives me allowance to adjust my daily habits that optimize my body for weight loss.

That's a photo of me after losing just 3 kilos. My face also shows the first signs of weight loss.
That’s a photo of me after losing just 3 kilos. My face also shows the first signs of weight loss.

Taking care of our body remains a top priority for us. Akin to a well-oiled machine that have an uncompromising maintenance schedule, our body requires a well-balanced diet and regular exercise to keep it going. As unattractive as it is to some of us having to force our way to good health, the key here is to inculcate good daily habits that eliminates any sour feeling left in us.


Enjoy your weight loss journey!

Adrian C.

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