Why do I need to lose weight?


Why do I need to lose weight? Have you ever asked yourself this question?

During different stages of our lives, there will be times where we look up to others due to their successes in life, their appearance, or certain traits and behavior. We aspire to be like them. In a certain way, it affects how we view our lives should be.

Is the reason for losing weight simply to look like someone else, or is there a reason strong enough for you to really want to do it? Losing weight is not an easy journey. So if there is no reason for you to do it other than meeting the standards of others, it is likely going to be more difficult for you.

“Live the life you choose.

Don’t choose a life to live.”

~ Charlene E. ~

Ask yourself this question. Are you going to be happier if you are slim and healthy, or are you already happy as you are now? On a broader perspective, are there other reasons that forces you to change your mindset? Some people do it for health reasons, whereas others did it because they want to lead a healthier and happier life. Would being a responsible parent by staying healthy constitute as one of the compelling reasons?

I used to envy others with good figure and being pretty in any clothes that they wore. Even when my weight was just right, I was constantly awed by anyone who looked better than me. I always convinced myself that I probably don’t have what it takes to be like them, and that became a passing thought.

To make things worse, after my treatment for an illness, the doctor cautioned me against sudden weight loss. I was half-afraid and half-giving myself excuses not to lose weight. Over the next 2 years, my weight increased substantially. When I looked myself in the mirror, I felt that I was bulky and ugly. I started to avoid taking photos or looking at my reflections. I stopped shopping for clothes since I do not look good in anything I wear anyway.

That was my awakening. I realized that this was not healthy for my social life and overall well-being. I was not happy at all. It was affecting me badly and that is the reason I decided to face it and start losing weight. I started my journey and never once regretted it.

Do you have your own compelling reason for wanting to lose weight? Start by doing some soul-searching. List down how would you feel if you lose some weight, versus your feelings if you were to stay the same. You never know, you could find your own reason to start.

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